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Pomegranate Center is committed to shifting the culture toward collaboration by supporting individuals and agencies  through training, coaching, consulting and speaking.


Pomegranate Center believes conveners – people who are fierce defenders of a process that is collaborative and inclusive – are heroes. Theirs is a form of leadership not often celebrated, but so needed in our times. Join our revolution.

In the future, every community, agency and company should have teams of trained facilitators that are neutral about what is decided, but fierce about protecting the process.

Let’s work together to end bad meetings. Meetings with no clear direction, that devolve into shouting matches, that drift toward inaction. The Pomegranate Method gives people the tools and methods to build collaborative, inclusive, decisive projects that lead to alignment.  Through workshops and free one-on-one coaching for graduates worldwide, Pomegranate Center supports collaborative community engagement wherever people gather.

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Pomegranate Center’s project managers and facilitators bring decades of experience to your project. Whether it’s a day-long retreat, a conference agenda or a year-long community engagement process, our team can do everything from consult with you for a few hours through key phases to helping you design and run large-scale community engagement processes. Get in touch to see which of our solutions is right for your project.

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Inspire and engage your audience with a compelling discussion on the power of collaboration, turning differences into gifts, the poetry of the beginning, and polyphonic communities.

Whether it is a 1-hour “lunch-and-learn” or a keynote at your conference, our inspiring founder, Milenko Matanovič, or charismatic CEO, Katya Matanovič can ignite the “collaborative spark” in your group.


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