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A Note from Katya

by Katya Matanovič

September 12, 2019

For so many of us, September means back-to-school. This year my kids put on their backpacks and head off to kindergarten and second grade and all I can say to that is – huzzah!

With back-to-school comes the importance of the morning routine. In our house, routines have the power to make or break our mornings. And, this may feel like a stretch, but I can’t help but draw parallels between our mornings and community work. The routines of every meeting, in every community, are things that the more I practice the easier they become – have a goal for every meeting, have an agenda for every meeting, have ground rules for every meeting. These have become as commonplace as brushing teeth for me, I just can’t do without them!

It’s the power of small things done over and over again and done well. When done often enough, these things become ingrained in your life and, put simply, make everything easier and better.

I wish you the best for the beginning of this season!

p.s. Curious about habits for every meeting (goals, an agenda, ground rules)? Check out our upcoming Pomegranate Method Introductory Workshop – happening this October in Seattle!