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A note from Katya – April 2020

by Katya Matanovic

April 14, 2020

Hello friends,

I truly hope this email finds you healthy. I will not say “well” since this time is nothing close to well. It is stressful, confusing, and difficult. And it feels like irony and an understatement to say it feels like we need each other now more than ever.

This past month, our small but mighty team at Pomegranate Center, like all of you, have been sorting out life without our typical support systems. Our team of four – myself, Milenko, Valentina and Catherine – have all been adjusting. Three of us have two working parents and young kids at home. Catherine and I have also both had illness in our homes (not officially COVID-19, since it has been so difficult to get tested in the Seattle area, but symptomatically matching). As you can imagine, it has been chaotic and exhausting.

I’ll be honest – Milenko’s recent dream helped me breathe through this challenging moment, and also made me cry. Being in a dark tunnel with so much uncertainty ahead is exhausting, and I want nothing more than to link arms with all of you (metaphorically, of course) and keep walking into the unknown. (And yes, those of you with kids will already be humming that Frozen 2 song and I am sorry). I know that on the other side of all of this everything will be different. And we will need to work together more collaboratively, across differences in greater earnest to create the communities of our future. I know we can do it.

Pomegranate Center’s Collaboration Office Hours remain open to everyone for the foreseeable future. Sign up for a free 45-minute coaching session with me or Milenko to chat about whatever is useful. Our March sessions were filled with conversations about incorporating community engagement into career paths, modifying techniques for Zoom sessions, the strangeness of our times and generally just connecting to alleviate loneliness and feel a sense of normalcy. We are here for you. Sign up for April 30thMay 14 or May 28.

Please let us know how you are. In the meantime, thank you for all that you are doing for your communities and families.



P.S. If you need a little bit of laughter or perspective or sweetness or dancing, these things have been keeping us going.