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A Note from Katya

by Katya Matanovic

June 25, 2019


I recently came across an article about the art form of dendrology, the study of tree cores. It was a fascinating read that resonated with me on many levels but really struck a chord (or cord!) when thinking about the parallels between the growth of trees and our own growth as an organization. There is so much you can tell about a tree by studying the rings, you can see how it evolved over time and the different circumstances that marked its trajectory whether it was droughts or floods, or a good year.

It made me reflect on the Pomegranate Center and how my father built something that has taken root and adapted to the seasons and grown….and in the process put many rings on this field of community engagement.

Similar to the growth of trees, I am just adding a new layer, a new layer of bark to this tree that has rooted itself in fertile ground and continues to provide shade for all sorts of projects and people who are doing interesting work around the world.

I am proud to be part of a team that is being so thoughtful about this work. And I hope that the newsletter inspires people to think about how community engagement, meaningful collaboration can affect how they do their work.

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Katya Matanovic, CEO