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Announcing Katya Matanovic as new CEO – Letters from the Board of Directors and Founder

by Dawn Bushnaq and Milenko Matanovič

March 13, 2019

Letter from the Board of Directors

On behalf of Pomegranate Center’s Board of Directors, I am thrilled to announce that Katya Matanovic has been appointed CEO of Pomegranate Center. As a long-time champion of this organization, you are one of the first supporters with whom we are sharing this wonderful news.

Pomegranate Center has spent the past three decades translating public engagement into meaningful community collaboration and built projects. Through the leadership of founder Milenko Matanovic and the support of you and others, Pomegranate Center has become a resource for communities around the world seeking to build a collaborative culture.

Today, the organization has evolved to focus entirely on training, mentorship, and consulting around the practice and processes of creative collaboration. With this as a priority, we are poised to put over 30 years of learning and experience into the hands of a new generation of leaders. It was a natural fit to ask Katya to lead us into this next chapter.

Katya possesses a rare combination of Pomegranate Center wisdom, organizational vision and executive ability. She embodies the values and mission of the organization. She has worked alongside Milenko for many years and brings an impressive resume of nonprofit leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to successful tenures as Pomegranate’s Managing Director and Director of Education, she has worked with the Washington Women’s Foundation and a Gottman Institute project and co-founded an international women’s health organization, One By One.

With Katya at the helm and Milenko continuing in his role as “resident scholar,” the organization’s future is bright. Pomegranate Center is poised to bring the spirit of collaboration to more people and more communities than ever and to do so in way that honors the legacy of Milenko’s seminal work. Already, through Katya’s leadership, Pomegranate has a packed schedule of mission-aligned training and consulting work including substantial training projects.

We are delighted to share the news publicly next week. I invite you to welcome Katya to her new role and I hope you get the chance to meet with her soon.


Dawn Bushnaq
Board President

Letter from Milenko

I founded Pomegranate Center 32 years ago as a laboratory for understanding community engagement where differences can be turned into gifts. I’ve learned so much along the way. It has been an incredible journey, to say the least.

And now, with great excitement, we announce that my daughter, Katya, is the new CEO of Pomegranate Center.

Before Katya was born, she visited me in my dreams, all grown up, looking very much as she does now. She told me her name and stated, firmly, that she had her own ideas for her life and that my attempts to direct her would be futile. In essence, she said: “You are my father, but not my boss.” I tried my best to follow her guidance.

Now Katya is my boss, and I can’t wait to see how Pomegranate Center will unfold under her leadership. My heart sings at the very idea that she, my daughter, wants to continue my legacy. It is the new wave for our organization.

As for me, I will continue with the organization as a teacher, presenter, resident scholar (stay tuned for my first handbook coming this spring) and serve as an ambassador for ideas of collaborative practices that lead to a healthier democracy.

Here is to a new moment and a new beginning.