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Black Lives Matter

by Katya Matanovic

June 3, 2020

We join the many voices fighting against systemic racism and violence towards Black Americans.

In order to focus people’s energy and resources on this important effort, we are pausing our fundraising campaign for a few weeks. In lieu of a contribution to Pomegranate Center we encourage you to direct your resources toward the labor of Black-led organizations that are doing work to support, protect, and heal the Black community.

To highlight just a few in the greater Seattle area:


Project Pilgrimage

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County

Communities of Color Coalition

Africatown Land Trust

Nationally, consider:


Southern Poverty Law Center

United Negro College Fund

Black Lives Matter

Color of Change

We are also inspired by and listening to the voices of our black colleagues and fierce facilitators locally who have been doing this work for a long time, including Miik Wells of Inner Equity and Michaela Ayers of Nourish Events.

These voices matter. Support them by listening, donating, and following their lead.


Katya Matanovic

CEO of Pomegranate Center

P.S. We are also learning and deepening our ways of being allies – these are some resources we’re finding powerful and practical right now:

Lace on Race – online community for practicing anti-racism

Dr. Amanda Kemp – workshops for racial justice and mindfulness

Dr. Kira Banks – incredible resource on talking to kids about race