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Case Study: Courtney Wooten, Parent, Artist, and Activist

December 9, 2019

Background: Our friend Courtney Wooten, a parent, artist, and active member of the Communities of Color Coalition recently shared her experience with us.  Courtney completed the Pomegranate Method Intro Workshop in the summer of 2019

“Katya and Milenko,

I wanted to let you know that I had the chance to use many of the skills you taught me at a recent meeting at my daughters’ school.

It was very imperfect! I had only 30 minutes for the process, no co-facilitator, no toolkit of supplies, and minimal day-of prep time—it sort of felt like a situation designed to fail. But it wasn’t a failure!

As I said above, it was imperfect. But I facilitated a tough conversation with a crowd of frustrated parents, staff, and admin that didn’t dissolve into anger and blame. We generated a list of community needs around bullying (talk about an explosive topic!), created consensus around most of the suggestions, identified themes (I forgot to separate out values), came up with four umbrella categories and even prioritized one for action and follow up. It was a little too ambitious and rushed at the end, but it was also such a positive experience for our community members who showed up. (And for our admin and principal, too!).

And as a follow-up, we’ve managed to keep that momentum going! Making sure that everyone’s voices are heard has helped us make valuable progress—and having a straight-forward, transparent process has made it easier to loop in newly excited community members (aka volunteers!) as well. ”

Whether it’s working alongside parents and school administrators or leading an executive board retreat, the Pomegranate Method works to create change that leaves people with hope. We believe: that it’s how we work together that is world-changing.