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Case Study: Social Justice Organization, Communities of Color Coalition

by Communities of Color Coalition

December 3, 2019

Client: Communities of Color Coalition (C3) Ben Young, Vice-Chair and Jacque Julien, Director of Community Relations

Background: In the summer of 2000 leaders from various communities of color began meeting to establish a communications network. The coalition initially worked to identify issues most relevant to communities of color in Snohomish County. But in 2004 incidents of implicit racial bias acted out in a hate crime began to get more media attention underscoring the need for a collective voice.

Over the years the group’s membership has grown exponentially with the annual North Puget Sound Conference on Race conference that tops over 500 attendees.

It has been an all-volunteer run organization until four months ago. Its mission is to create space for storytelling to amplify the voices that have been traditionally ignored to advance access and equity across the region, for collective impact, inclusion and belonging.

Using the Pomegranate Method has helped us in many ways, chiefly, in changing the way we structure our meetings. Our work requires that we engage and support the voices of the community at the table whether it’s when meeting with elected officials, or those who have the power to shift policy, practices, and procedures.

We are a transformative organization established to combat the narrative against racism. We are tackling systems of oppression by strengthening emerging leaders to be civically engaged around matters dear to the heart of community-driven- issues like access to opportunity such as Healthcare Justice or Education Justice.

Our work can be emotionally traumatizing and has felt adversarial. Taking the workshop has given us the courage to not only lead but to lean into that feeling of conflict. The Pomegranate Method supports our efforts to co-create and hold space for discovery- and in that space, community collaboration thrives. With tools like Roles and Responsibilities, Ground Rules to center a conversation with collaboration in mind or to re-direct when things go off track to ensure we stay on task.

As an added bonus, since incorporating the Pomegranate Method we have seen a huge reduction in our meeting time, freeing us to be more productive.

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