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Fellows in the Field: Ginger

May 9, 2013

Our Fellows Training teaches people how to best serve others and care for their communities. Ginger, a talented architect with Architects Without Borders, is an amazing example of our Fellows Training alumni making a difference in the world.

She recently shared her experience from the field:

Were your ears burning this weekend? I was singing your praises and sharing my gratitude for the fellows training and the Pomegranate facilitation methodology to scores of people. I facilitated an 8-hour strategic planning retreat for Architects Without Borders using your great methodology and got rave reviews from everyone involved — and this from a group of mostly architects trained to be critical…

I’ve used various pieces of the training in small ways over the last year, but an 8-hour meeting for folks that usually devolve into back and forth discussion, with only a few people speaking, and the group rarely coming to a common understanding was a huge test. The methodology transformed the gathering into a focused, organized and safe meeting of collective wisdom and multiple voices. Amen, awomen and THANK YOU!

We already agreed that we would use some of the same methods for a number of future big decisions/buy-in that we need to engage in.

It goes without saying that I will continue to share what I’ve learned.

With great warmth, respect and gratitude,