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Image of the Future Episode Three: Place is Inevitable

January 16, 2018

The Institute for Everyday Democracy is a place to exchange ideas, join in discussions, and generate a body of thought about how we participate in our democracy. Through our Image of the Future podcast, we host conversations that collectively explore ideas that prepare us for the future. Such a collective exercise is not about what we like or don’t like, nor is it about the “me” or “mine.” It is a much deeper and courageous exploration of what ought to happen.

Episode three features an interview with Claudia Castro Luna, formerly Seattle’s first Civic Poet and, starting February 1st, the next Washington State Poet Laureate. In her interview with Milenko, Claudia asks that citizens take a look at where they live and consider how that place connects them with others.

Listen to episode two, featuring UW landscape architecture professor Jeff Hou, “Collaborative Democracy by Design” here.