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Image of the Future

May 8, 2019

“We’re asking people to be pulled into solutions, to be pulled into possibility, and then re-engineer backward to see what can we do about that,”

Often times, during public and community focused settings, you gather people together in a room and the natural and human response is to discuss and list all of the things that have gone awry. What has happened in the past, and who is to blame, can quickly take center stage — and if you’re not careful, derail your meeting before it begins.

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way?

Changing the culture of the conversation towards possibility instead of blame is not only a noble pursuit, but it is one that Pomegranate Center has seen, over time, as essential. We’ve found that structuring the conversation in a way that lets people imagine a better way, is the only way to release a full spectrum of untapped potential.

The second of our seven video series, Image of the Future, shares our learnings of why starting from our best vision of the future is a must for success.

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Special thanks to the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust for their generous support in the development of the series.