Pomegranate Center

Alas, Pomegranate Center, the nonprofit, has moved to the great beyond. Pomegranate Associates, LLC will carry on the work. Read more

Learning Experiences from Pomegranate Fellows Alumni

November 9, 2012

In this video, Fellows Graduate, Ginger shares how she was inspired by what she’s learned from
Pomegranate Center.

Past students have included municipal employees, designers, planners, artists, grassroots community builders—anyone with a desire to create they change they seek within their neighborhood, workplace or broader community.

Milenko and the team from Pomegranate do a superb job leading an eclectic group of leaders from many different fields and perspectives in acts of collective, emergent imagining. They have an unerring ability to make a combined whole greater than the sum of the parts.

– Andrew Zolli, Executive Director PopTech

Pomegranate Center works magic.  For 27 years, in communities all across this country, they have partnered with people to turn their hopes and dreams into wonderful community spaces where social capital thrives.

– Lew Feldstein, Co-Chair, The Saguaro Seminar and President, The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

The Pomegranate Center model is a clear, step by step, easy to follow process, and works! I also think it addresses the main issue of leaders not getting burnt out which tends to happen in community projects. The training gave me the tools and confidence to initiate and see projects through. Working on children’s environments it is very easy to get off track dealing with regulations, issues, etc. The program taught me to approach every project as if it WILL happen!

– Ilisa Goldman, Intensive Training Graduate and Landscape Architect, RLA