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Paused, not stopped. Some news from Pomegranate Center

September 16, 2020

• A Message from Katya

As a person who knows how important Pomegranate Center’s work is, you know this is a hard email to send. Effective 9/30/2020, Pomegranate Center, for pandemic impact-related reasons, will be going into hibernation as an organization for the near term.

We plan to restart once in-person meetings and trainings can occur. Thank you for continuing our work in your communities, applying what you’ve learned. Our board is continuing work during our hibernation, to ensure continuity and so you’ll have a Pomegranate Center home to return to in the future!

In the meantime, there are other organizations doing related and/or similar work we can recommend you check out. They include Courageous Conversations, The Center for Ethical Leadership, and Maggie Chumbley. And we’re still interested in hearing what you’re up to! Feel free to email me anytime at katya@pomegranate.org – that email will reach me, even during hibernation.

On a personal note, I am taking this time to dig into the work I need to do to respond to this moment – antiracist learning and actions, getting out the vote, educational justice, and climate change – all activities that keep me closely connected to the spirit of democracy.

Milenko and I will be offering graduates of our training programs the opportunity to pick our brains during complementary quarterly Collaboration Office Hours so you can be supported even while we’re on pause.. Check the website for times and dates.

Thanks again for all you do.

Yours in healthy communities,

Katya Matanovic

CEO of Pomegranate Center

• Notes from the Board

As stewards of Pomegranate Center, it’s our job to make the hard decisions that balance optimism and realism; sustainability and impact. We’re sad that we’re going into temporary hibernation. But we feel optimistic about this decision, as it allows us to conserve resources while we’re not able to be productive. This will position us to better provide Pomegranate Center programs in the future. We hope we can count on your support when that is the case. In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns, thoughts or good wishes, contact Katya at katya@pomegranate.org and thank you for your past support.

Until we meet again!

The Pomegranate Center Board

• Note from Milenko

Pomegranate Center is innately a flexible organization, and it’s seen a lot of ups and downs over its 34 years. We’ve always been scrappy and creative in our responses to the requirements of the times. This era is no different; but now, our creative response is one of stillness, going inward; hibernation. While the confluence of the pandemic, systemic inequality, warming planet and economic recession swirl around, we’ll all need to find new ways to live and work.

The omens are clear. The times are urging us to acquire new social and personal habits. The future may well depend on how fast we can learn. We’ve discovered, over and over again, that when it comes to our shared concerns, together we know more. Pomegranate’s experience in unlocking collaborative habits and collective wisdom is too valuable to lose. I am sure that, one way or another, we will find new ways to serve.

I am using this time for additional clarity, writing every day and advising others that are seeking hope in these turbulent times. When we all emerge from our homes, blinking and ready to greet each other again, I know that Pomegranate Center will be there to help us creatively collaborate and express our gifts together.

Yours in patience and rejuvenation.

Milenko Matanovic

Founder and Trainer