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Shoreline’s Sunset Park& Boeing Creek Open Space

December 9, 2012

For over three years the community of Shoreline grappled with loss and hope. In 2007, Sunset Elementary School was decommissioned. An important neighborhood gathering place for parents and children alike had suddenly closed it’s doors due to declining enrollment.

As contentious as this issue was, a group of hopeful neighbors organized a group called the Friends of Sunset Park to explore how the school site could be revived as an essential community gathering place. The Friends of Sunset Park partnered with the City of Shoreline and the School District then hired Pomegranate Center to facilitate this exploration.

After 6 steering group meetings, three community meetings and one design workshop, residents and leaders of the Shoreline community developed a compelling concept for a future Sunset School Park, which connects to nearby green spaces like Boeing Creek Open Space, offers spectacular views of the Sound and features p-patches and endless recreational opportunities.

A survey revealed that after attending community meetings hosted by Pomegranate Center in Shoreline:

  • 65% of participants feel more connected to their neighbors
  • 83% have more confidence in their community’s ability to work together
  • 94% have a better understanding of what it takes to make changes in their neighborhood

The momentum to realize their vision was great. Conceptual drawings were turned into technical ones and submitted to several grant funders.

“This project brought the community closer as a whole and created a community park that we know we all contributed to and can enjoy.”

-Sadie Kent, Shoreline teen and Steering Group member

View photos of the process on Flickr…