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Singin’ in Sumner

July 9, 2014

Towns that sing together, stay together and by this creative new standard, the welcoming town of Sumner is alive and well!

Back in 2011 we engaged the community of Sumner, Washington to design and built the Mainstream Alley Gathering Place. Since then, it’s been appropriately renamed “Rhubarb Alley” (Sumner is the Rhubarb Pie Capital) and residents continue to convene and celebrate there.

In a wonderful community-fostering event called “Sumner Sings,” local musician James Coates and his band Colossal Soul invited families, friends, and the whole city to sip hot cocoa (courtesy of Dillanos Coffee Roasters), support the local food bank, and participate in a holiday sing-along. Sparkling lights, music, and most important, the good people of Sumner filled the alley with holiday cheer.