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Valle Lindo Gathering Place

September 9, 2013

On a burned-out hillside beside the Valle Lindo housing development, there will soon be a community gathering place with terraced lawn seating, covered shelters and a stage. Valle Lindo, located approximately 5 miles south of Walla Walla, WA, provides affordable housing for farm workers and is home to approximately 300 children. This Hispanic community wants to host cultural and social events on a regular basis.

As part of our ever-expanding Pomegranate Center Network, this project is being managed by Blue Mountain Action Council and the Walla Walla Housing Authority, our partners in Walla Walla. Funding for this project has been provided by Walla Walla-based Sherwood Trust and San Diego-based ORCA Fund.

As the recently completed Prescott Plaza was our first Fellows Training project in the Walla Walla area, Valle Lindo will serve the same purpose for our second Fellows cohort. This second project will consist of a small amphitheater for celebrations, an outdoor classroom, picnic tables, and a green area for games. A trail, marked by gateways, will connect the green area with the community center.

The ground has been leveled, amphitheater seating is in place, and the site is prepped and ready for a four-day build in October, 2014.