SecureDocs Data Room: The Main Features

SecureDocs virtual data room is an industry-leading solution with a simple setup process. Trusted by companies across the globe for M&A, fundraising, licensing deals, audits, legal services, business valuation, general corporate information, and document storage, SecureDocs represents a comprehensive file-sharing solution for straightforward deal management.

What does SecureDocs do best?

SecureDocs offers an intuitive, easy-to-use platform with features one would expect from any good VDR, including permissions, audit logs, watermarking, uploading, and notifications. However, when compared to similar vendors, a SecureDocs data room comes out on top.

One of the biggest benefits is their quick setup and affordable pricing. They also emphasize security, simplicity, and time and cost savings, offering functionality and data security at a reasonable price.

  • A SecureDocs data room secures and manages sensitive files like personal information, intellectual property, or financial content.
  • The SecureDocs software provides a solution for collaboration with other parties (legal teams, international corporations) without worrying about compromised security. 
  • The user interface is easy-to-use and affords admins total control over user access, simplifying the entire management process. 
  • SecureDocs also offers unlimited storage, perfect for businesses that work with many documents.
  • In addition, SecureDocs is very intuitive and simple to navigate, allowing for smoother due diligence. For example, the drag and drop interface expedites the transfer of data and folder uploads. In addition, the due diligence checklist ensures that no piece of information is forgotten during transactions.
  • In fact, many companies use SecureDocs for one project (such as fundraising), only to carry on using the software for numerous other things, such as exchanging information with external parties. 
  • SecureDocs also allows you to create new roles and assign specific permission to users. Any admin can redefine the role of a user, altering and deleting permissions as they see fit. 
  • You can also create user roles and recycle them for multiple projects. This means you do not need to create many user roles, rather keep a few and adapt them to various applications and purposes. 

SecureDocs features

  • Unlimited data and document storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited training and support
  • Electronic signature
  • User actions restriction
  • Controllable permission
  • Bulk invitation
  • User permissions review
  • Audit log
  • One-click archiving
  • Continuous upgrades
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Document setup and migration
  • White labeling (logo and unique URL)
  • Document watermarks
  • Drag and drop upload
  • Customizable NDA
  • New file notifications

SecureDocs solutions

  • Fundraising. Companies can use SecureDocs for their fundraising solutions, keeping track of lots of documentation and engaging with various stakeholders. You can also keep your critical information safe and accessible while managing deal room activity.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. A SecureDocs virtual data room offers a safe environment to organize sensitive information and facilitate M&A transactions.
  • IPOs. If you are looking for a secure platform for your IPO, SecureDocs can streamline the entire process.
  • Corporate document storage. SecureDocs is a safe yet affordable solution for storing your intellectual property, employee records, and financial statements in an organized manner — no matter the size of your business.