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Learn the Pomegranate Method


Together we know more.

Research has proven it, and our 30 years of experience backs that up. It is the basic value that drove the development of the Pomegranate Method. The differences in our perspectives and knowledge and experiences and skills is a gift that only improves outcomes.

Despite the complexity of the issues facing our cities, our societal collaborative “muscles” have atrophied. And now more than ever, our communities need help working together, new models for public participation, and new leadership.

Pomegranate Center training gives you the framework, tools, and practice you need to start building meaningful public participation into your work. Our unique methodology, developed over 30 years, redefines and simplifies community engagement and public process through clarity, creativity, and dedication to the art and practice of convening.

We help individuals, agencies, institutions, corporations, non-profits, and foundations hone their skills and learn new ways to build and run community-facing projects and processes that are inclusive and decisive.

Our training options range from two-day introductions to eight-day intensives. We turn traditional planning and engagement processes upside down, breaking every detail into simple, practical applications through a mixture of lecture, practice, discussion, case studies and celebration.

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