A Clinked virtual data room offers tools for easy business collaboration in a secure environment. 

A distinctive feature of the software is workspace customization. This option attracts customers as it makes their brand more recognizable and prestigious.

Moreover, the provider monitors emerging needs in the business community. It helps to develop and improve the product for even greater user satisfaction.

What does Clinked do best?

 White labeling distinguishes Clinked from its competitors. The idea is to make a product and then let buyers release it under their own brand.

How can this be useful to a virtual data room user?

  • It’s a reasonably-priced way to increase brand awareness in the market. Software with a company name instills more trust in customers and makes an organization more reliable.
  • It saves time. Even with a team of developers, the process of creating an application is laborious and time-consuming. The white-label product from the provider also guarantees that it will work.
  • It helps to minimize risks. Investing in a white-label platform is less troublesome than building one yourself. Lack of experience and knowledge can damage a company’s reputation. Experts in this field are skilled in how to avoid problems and do it right.

Clinked data room suggests branding such things as:

  • portal design
  • background design of pages
  • Uniform Resource Locator
  • login screen
  • mobile app

Clinked data room features

The portal’s functionality includes more than branding. Here are other tools that make collaboration and work smooth and comfortable.

  • Task management. Employees have access to a to-do list, deadlines, team members. Tracking processes in this way provides transparency and increased team efficiency.
  • Google Drive integration. It creates a central place for storing data and collaborating on documents online.
  • Built-in instant messengers. With the help of private and group chats, participants stay in touch. Relevant individuals receive notifications of new messages instantly. This feature is also available as a mobile app.
  • Secure login. Two-step verification prevents third parties from logging in. After six unsuccessful attempts, the program blocks an account for 60 minutes.
  • Data protection. 256-bit end-to-end encryption extends to stored and in-transit content. Administrators control access to documents at the viewing, printing, and sharing levels. They change the settings when necessary. 
  • Tagging. Adding tags means finding information faster. Adjustment and modification options optimize the search further.

Industry-Specific Clinked solutions

Providers offer solutions based on the data room feature set requested by potential clients. 

Here are the industries that choose Clinked for their business needs:

  • Investment 
    Employees of these organizations no longer deal with the top-secret data security issue. Besides, white-labeling makes them stand out from the competition and increases customer confidence.
  • Financing 
    Customers in this industry find data management and transactions less labor-intensive with the Clinked data room. In addition, they now collaborate with partners regardless of their location.
  • Legal
    On the portal, lawyers safely store client’s personal information, which is crucial in their business. This advantage and the tracking of online data room activity further help speed up the due diligence process.