Pomegranate Center

Pomegranate Center is in hibernation for the near term.

Pomegranate Center, Process Animation

Pausing, not stopping.


Pomegranate Center finds its resources have been stretched thin by the impacts of COVID-19.  So we’ve made the hard decision to pause—not stop—the organization, effective September 30, 2020.  Look for us again, post-pandemic—we’ll be back!

Thank you for your past support for PC, and stay tuned for when we’ll be back helping build sustainable, equitable and collaborative communities. Questions?  Email Katya Matanovic.



What We Do

Through training, consulting and a range of resources, Pomegranate Center puts more than 30 years of learning and experience into the hands of a new generation of leaders.

Because when collaboration and community engagement are done right, it becomes about so much more than the project – it becomes about the spirit of democracy.

Our Approach

Nobody said community engagement was easy. Even though public planning and decision-making are the mainstays of democracy, these processes are difficult. Some people dominate the discussion and push their own agendas. Others are reluctant to speak for fear of criticism, or find it difficult to articulate their concerns. Meetings that lack structure can become exhausting, emotional, and frustrating. Too often, they lead nowhere and leave people feeling cynical and reluctant to participate again.

At Pomegranate Center, we have developed a powerful method for surmounting these problems, facilitating productive discussion, and driving successful collaboration that leads to meaningful and lasting results. It works with any process or organization.

We believe that when it comes to our common future, together we always know more. We believe that society’s new heroes are the people who dedicate themselves to facilitating true collaboration and fostering engagement that produces long-lasting solutions.

We want to support you even while we are on pause. We’re offering graduates and community builders everywhere the opportunity to pick Milenko and Katya’s brains during complementary quarterly Collaboration Office Hours. Sign up for your free 45-minute spot today. We would love to see you.

Our Programs


Here’s a sample of some of the folks with whom we’ve been fortunate to work.