Firmex Virtual Data Room Overview

As physical data rooms are slowly being replaced by virtual data rooms, you might have difficulties finding a provider that suits your needs. The software solution market is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the top providers is difficult. This article will shed some light on the Firmex virtual data room and what they can offer their clients.

Firmex data room description

Firmex is one of the most recognizable virtual data room providers, with over 15,000 new VDRs opening each year. Industries like renewable energy, financial, or legal services have all benefited by using this software solution. It is thanks to this versatility that Firmex is one of the world’s leaders in secure online file repositories.

What does a Firmex data room do best?

The Firmex virtual data room is a one-size-fits-all solution. Their approach to the problem of secure file storage isn’t connected to only one industry, and through their constant cooperation with the finance or biotech sectors, they can fine-tune their services to a variety of markets. The Firmex virtual data room is for companies that cherish versatility in their tools.

Firmex VDR features

This versatility isn’t the only feature that the Firmex data room provides. Its most prominent traits include:

  • User management. You can manage who has access to what files with one click. Creating permission groups is a simple way of providing additional security to your virtual data room. 
  • Bulk upload. There are no issues with transferring large files into the virtual data room. You can upload files up to 10GB into the virtual data room storage with ease.
  • Auto-indexing. After you have uploaded your documents, finding them is easy, thanks to the auto-indexing feature. By using the search bar, you will find your files in no time. 
  • Digital rights. To help prevent data breaches, features like watermarking, locking documents, or printing restrictions have been integrated into the virtual data room. 
  • Support while setting up. A team of experts from Firmex will help your company set up everything you would like to have in a virtual data room. 

Solutions proposed by a Firmex VDR

Take a look at some of the solutions that Firmex created to make using their virtual data room more efficient. 

  • Redaction. If uploaded files contain some sensitive and confidential data, you can obscure it from within the software solution. 
  • Q&A. Your coworkers or investors might have some questions about files in your data room. Thanks to the Q&A feature, you can answer those questions inside of the virtual data room.
  • View as. To check how another user sees the contents of the virtual data room, you can use the “view as” feature. This allows you to check to see if the permission settings were applied correctly.  
  • Email upload. Apart from being able to drag and drop your files into the virtual data room, you can also send them to a special email address. 


The Firmex virtual data room provides its users with a versatile solution. This approach, combined with the features and solutions listed above, creates a product that might satisfy your needs. If you still aren’t convinced, you can check out their free trial and then make up your mind.