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Pomegranate Center is shifting the paradigm around how people work together. Through our unique inclusive engagement model we help communities discover their ability to spur change and develop their capacity for authentic collective collaboration. By leveraging the power of Place - where people live- we create the conditions that demonstrate democracy at its best, with stories that change from “us and them” to “we.”

Registration Now Open for Seattle Area Two-Day Training

Do you work with community groups?

Are you tired of public processes that get bogged down because they are unwieldy, ineffective, or meaningless? Are you sick of meetings that get hijacked by a boisterous few? Do you believe that community involvement is essential to creating successful public spaces and public policy?

In this two-day introduction to the Pomegranate Method, you’ll learn how to fully engage communities in a productive and creative process, while creating broad ownership over your project. Each day is a mix of lecture, practice, and discussion led by the dynamic duo of Milenko and Katya Matanovic.

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Pomegranate Center Celebrates

At our 30 Years and Beyond Party on Thursday, February 2nd, friends and colleagues of Pomegranate Center came together to honor the work of our founder Milenko Matanovic while simultaneously ushering in a new future with Executive Director Eric Higbee. Some one hundred people, including donors, project partners, trainees, and former employees and interns joined us at Impact Hub Seattle for a night of reminiscing, mingling, and toasting to all that we’ve done and all that’s yet to come.

Goodbye and Hello

A Special Announcement From Pomegranate Center

In conjunction with celebrating our 30th anniversary, Pomegranate Center is excited to announce a key organizational transition and a new addition to our programs.

This week, Founder and Executive Director Milenko Matanovic moves out of his current role and into the role of Director Emeritus. Going forward, he will focus his time and energy on writing and speaking engagements, while continuing to conduct trainings and be involved in special consulting projects as needed.

Eric Higbee, Pomegranate Center’s Design Director, is stepping into the role of Executive Director after four years with the organization. He brings with him a decade’s worth of experience in landscape architecture and a passion for grassroots community organizing.

As a part of Milenko’s new role, he will also head up our newly founded Institute for Everyday Democracy. The institute is a place to exchange ideas, participate in discussions, and generate a body of thought about how we participate in our democracy. It is a natural extension of Milenko’s thirty years teaching communities how to work more collaboratively.

Reflecting on his nonprofit, its legacy, and its future, Milenko says, “Pomegranate Center is a small miracle, and I hope to encourage others to jump into small miracles of their own making.”


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The Institute for Everyday Democracy


As part of his transition into Executive Director Emeritus, Milenko Matanovic will lead the Institute for Everyday Democracy, housed within Pomegranate Center’s programs.The institute is a place to exchange ideas, participate in discussions, and generate a body of thought about how we participate in our democracy.

Check back soon for a complete webpage and more information.

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Post-election Reflection: How to do it Better Next Time

by Milenko Matanovic

I yearn for leaders who are collaborators.

In an election, I wait for one candidate to say to another, “That’s an interesting insight—I want to think about it.” Or “That is a different perspective—I never thought about that angle.” Or, “Maybe if we combine our ideas, we might do more good.”

Collaboration must become society’s norm. Why? Because we live in a complex world, yet we act as if someone’s individual expertise or ideology can provide all the answers. The present moment calls for “system leaders” who understand that we require each other’s insights to fully comprehend the needs of our society and its diverse peoples, as well as the entire planet we inhabit.

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